8 Google Drive Tips for Productivity, Save Your Time!

We all love to spend time on internet to find interesting posts, news, photos and anything else. But do you know that you can save your much-needed time by using the right tools (that are free) online?

Yes! You read it right. There are plenty of webapps available for different purposes. As I’m a blogger, I surely needed a proper online storage system that can store my files and data in the form of backup. And I find Google Drive to be perfect for it.

I’m going to share some great 8 practical tips regarding Google Drive with you guys. Let’s get started!

#1 Organize Your Documents In Different Folders

What is the use of having all your files running on the right-hand side panel if you have no idea what each file is? How about making it more convenient for yourself by putting them in different folders? (Like “Blog Ideas”, “Blog Posts Drafts” and “Published Blog”) It will also help you search easily when required.

#2 Create A Shared Folder With Your Friends/Colleagues So That You Can Easily Collaborate With Them

To collaborate with your friends and colleagues is a great way to work together in a team. And you can do it easily by sharing a folder that contain documents from everyone. Also, make sure to set the permission level correctly so that no one can delete important files from it.

#3 Create A Folder For Personal Files In Google Drive App

It’s always good for keeping your personal files separate from official ones which might also help you distinguish between them quickly when required. Just create a folder for Personal use and move all private documents in it after making sure that no-one else have access to them. Thereafter, just log in into this account whenever you want to access personal files only.

#4 Use A Chrome Extension To Manage Files Right From Google Drive

Well, you are not supposed to use browser for everything that can be done easily with the help of an extension. Install “Google Drive Quick access” on your Google Drive account and find all files directly from there without opening any file or folder. Just see it in action here .

#5 Access Your Personal Folders While You Are At Work

As I have shared a tip related to personal folders earlier so it will be fine if you access them while being at work – right? But what about other documents which are shared with others only? What if someone else delete these documents accidentally (or intentionally)? Here’s the solution : by adding another layer of security , you can give yourself access to shared folders whenever you are logged in to your work account. All thanks to Google Apps   account for this.

#6 Create A Shared List For Tracking To-Dos With Your Team

It’s true that you can use Google Docs to create a shared list with your team members, but I prefer “Google Keep” (or Reminders) for it because of its simplicity and perfect color combinations. Just make an account on it and share the link to your friends. Now you can add tasks/todos quickly without any issue.

#7 Use Keyboard Shortcuts When You Are Writing A Post

If you are using Google Docs to write articles (like me), then you must know there are various keyboard shortcuts available within Google Drive that can save your time while working with text documents . These shortcuts will prove helpful when you work with a document for a long time. And just to let you know, here are some useful shortcuts:

Ctrl+Shift+= Increase the font size of the selected text.

Ctrl+Shift+- Decrease the font size of the selected text.

Alt+Up Arrow Key Move cursor up by one paragraph.

Alt+Down Arrow Key Move cursor down by one paragraph.

Ctrl+K To hyperlink selected text .

Ctrl+Left Square Bracket “[” To find and select from cursor position to start of next word or phrase . For example, if your cursor is right in between two words so this shortcut will highlight everything till first letter of second word – i.e., “FirstPhrase”.

Alt + Shift + K To hyperlink all the text currently selected.

Ctrl+Shift+D Increase the font size of a selection to its default value.

Ctrl+Shift+F Decrease the font size of a selection to its default value.

Alt + Shift + D Duplicate text in a document or between two words .

Also, if you want to access special characters like currency signs and accented ones, then press Alt button on your keyboard and just type numbers (0-9) that come before character you need – like “e” for European currency sign. For typing accented letters , just do it just like how it is done with numeric keys i.e., hold down letter and type the number which comes before required symbol – like “e” for European currency sign, press 4 to get “$”.

#8 Use Google Drive For Making Beautiful Presentations

Google Docs makes it simple to create beautiful presentations with the help of tables , text formatting and other advanced features . Also, you can use Google Slides for convincing presentations that are even better than Microsoft PowerPoint. To be honest, I am also using these two apps frequently because they come with easy tools that make work easier for techies.

So these were 8 tips about a productivity tool which is a must-have if you want to become more productive in your daily life. If you know any other useful tip then feel free to share it in the comments below!


First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to read this article. My goal was to create a fun and useful blog that I can update more often than once every few months, so here is hoping I can keep this up.

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